Breaking every ancestral power over marriage and home. Text: 2 Timothy 4:18

Preacher: Pastor Jonathan Akisanmi

And the Lord will deliver me from every evil work and preserve me for his heavenly kingdom. To Him be glory for ever and ever”. Amen

Today, the topic before us is a very powerful one that every family needs.

What is ancestral power/curse?

Ancestral means belonging to or inherited from ancestors. We can’t define ancestral properly without first defining ancestor. The English dictionary described ancestor as a person typically one more remote than grandparents from whom one descended. Another word to describe it is forbear, forefather, predecessor etc. So in a nutshell ancestral powers are those powers that automatically transfer from one generation to the next generation or next in line.

Why do we need to break ancestral powers over our home, marriage or household. It is a well known fact that majority of our forefathers some three to four generations past, got themselves involved in several ungodly acts: some worship idols not for their faults but that was what they inherited. Due to fraternization with idols and small gods, a lot of negative and demonic covenants were entered into which culminates into physical manifestations in the life of generations after them.

The following are traces of generational curses or covenants which affect people or households:

⁃ In some families, no one can live past certain age. They all have to die even when it is one day before they reach that age

⁃ In some families or household it is sickness galore, as they are getting out of one another one comes up it is called Sickness Cycle.

⁃ Some, it is financial struggles. They get broke every month, three to four days after being paid no matter how much. Sometimes they think if they get second job it will stop. Beloved if it is a generational curse even if the family work 4 jobs until the curses are broken.. it will be a continuous detriment.

⁃ Some it is quarrels or conflict syndrome. The household will always quarrel either the couple among themselves or children among themselves or parent versus children.

⁃ Sometimes, there are spirits of Stagnation. The family will not move forward, they will just be at one spot barely making it Month by month. If there is a promotion at their work place before they know it another person will get it.

⁃ Strongman Limitation – in most families there are strongmen who ensured that no one born in that family prospers more than them. They set stiff limitation to everyone’s greatness to the extent that everyone born in the family cannot rise above the limitation.

I will like to point out here that all these mentioned demonic setbacks may not be from ancestral curses or covenants only, it may also be an attack from workers of iniquity and powers of darkness. I pray for you today that as the Lord liveth every generational curses or demonic setback in your household shall be terminated in Jesus name. Amen


What can we do to overcome the warfares stated above?

* As children of the living God, He has ready made solution for us. All we need to do is be born again and ensure you have a strong relationship with The maker of heaven and earth. Romans 10:9

* Secondly denounce and disassociate yourself from any generational covenants that your ancestors might have entered into and

* lastly be fervent in prayers by calling on the name of Jesus, cover yourself and your household with the blood of Jesus regularly.


* . I denounce every generational covenants of my Father’s house and my mother’s house.

* . I disassociate myself, my spouse, my children from every generational covenants.

*. Almighty God deliver me from every evil attack from the power of darkness, deliver my family my children.

*. I break every negative ancestral powers over my marriage.

*. I break every generational curses affecting my family

*. Psalms 91:13 says …..use it to call prayer point

*. Psalms 118: 17 Read it say: I and my children will not die, We shall live to declare the works of the Lord.

*. I ….. (insert your name) walk into my greatness by the power in the name of Jesus

*. My children(insert their names) walk into greatness by the power in the name of Jesus

*. Every pattern of darkness that has held me in bondage Break now!

*. Every plantation of darkness challenging the glory of God in my life be Destroyed now!

*. Every power delaying my blessings Be Dismantled and Scattered