The Fart: Lesson Learned

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One fateful evening after a long day at work, I arrived home to begin my daily task of assisting my youngest with her homework while my wife worked with our two older children. Barely had I started when I smelled something quite gross. Since it was just me and my daughter in the immediate area, I asked her the obvious: “Did you fart?”

She glanced up from her notes and said, ” Yes”

No shyness.

No attempt at a denial.

Just simply, Yes. She admitted her wrong, said she was sorry ( and meant it) and went back to working.

And as her father, and one who sees his little girl as precious, I could not condemn her; did not have it in me to tease or shame her; or at best, make an attempt to run away from that odor.

My daughter needed help in getting her homework done; she’d asked me for help; and guess what? She got the help. From me. Her Dad. And in the process of looking up to me for help, she was not ashamed to acknowledge to me that she’d farted. Because she knew I loved her and would help her, in spite of the mess.

As I sat there pondering her attitude, The Lord whispered Psalm 34:4-5 to my heart.

I sought the Lord, and he answered me;

he delivered me from all my fears.

Those who look to him are radiant;

their faces are never covered with shame.

The invitation stands every day: to come to Christ as we are; to accept his Forgiveness and keep seeking to please him by doing better. As we look up to Him, and keep looking up, there is no shame. He loves us. He accepts us. He forgives us. And he changes us.

Yes! What a good Father.

Revd. Oluseye Akindebe