JEREMIAH 4:3-4A; HOSEA 10:12.

By the help of the Holy Spirit, we shall be touching on pertinent issues that has held us bound for long.

Issues that has to do with the home, family and relationships.


It should be noted that there will be offenses; in fact, you should prepare for them; No wonder the Bible says in Ephesians 4:2, Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

It is a great disaster, that this thing called “offense” has been allowed to enter the church and thereby cause the presence of God to leave the church. What this does is that it sucks up the presence of God for the presence of man to take place. As a result, what we see today as a church is now void of God.

Break it up!!!

Offense between wife and husband, parent and children.

As long as these offenses, weed of discord, backbiting among others remain, it will be allowed to grow.

Offenses holds both the offender and offended in bondage. As long as the offense remains, peace disappears; grudge, malice and others begin to rule. Offenses hamper relationships and the Church at large. Offenses eat up, until nothing remains.

Break it up!!!

Forgive us our sins as we … Luke 11:4

Husbands and wives need to settle so that His glory will return to the home.

Marriage relationships need to return to biblical standard, so that His glory may return.

What is the offense holding you down? Name that offense that is holding you down.

Is it that someone cheated on you?

Or someone took what seemed most precious to you.

Or you got to know that the reason why you remained stagnant is someone so dear to you.

Or your business partner played on you and took away what you’d labored for?

Or your marriage troubles was a result of the one you called your best friend.

No matter how big it may be, tell yourself that the only option you have is to let it go. Get up and never be held bound anymore. Break it up

Next week we shall look more on the grounds that needed to be broken

God bless you.

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