Bible study: Divine Provision

TOPIC: Divine Provision: Give us this day our daily bread

Text: Matthew 6: 9-13


We have previously studied the first part of this prayer. Remember that the key to godly prayers is the realization of genuine ongoing relationship with God who is our father in heaven. We have to continue to honor his name; regard his name and pray for his kingdom to come and HIS will be done in our lives and nations. The subject to be addressed today is divine provision. “Give us this day our daily bread.”

Questions for discussion:

1. Why is it important to ask God for our provision? Matt 7: 11; James 1:17.

2. Is there something important about making our request a daily one “Our daily bread”(See NLT Matt 6: 11)?

Explore the example of the Manna in the Wilderness.

3. What are some challenges to this perspective of a daily dependence on God?

4. How can we begin to learn and teach our friends and family the need to depend on God for their provision (Matt 7: 7)


We serve a God who is our father and he is interested in taking care of his children. He however wants us to trust and ask him in our times of need and the encouragement is for us to look up to him.

Memory Verse:

James 1: 17

All good and perfect gifts come from above, from the father of light with whom there is no variation, neither shadow of turning.

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